My photographic style is a blend of portraits, candid moments, details and environmental imagery, all working together to create a breathtaking, authentic portrayal of your story. My images are full of color and light with a timeless editorial feel. I strive to capture every natural detail, whether it's the joyful tears in your mother's eyes or the loving glances between you and your partner. The result is a collection of photographs that stand the test of time and take you back to every cherished moment of your wedding day, long after the flowers have wilted and the guests have gone home.

Weddings are also about family and friends coming together, and I know that your loved ones are an essential part of your story. I'll be there to capture organic and emotional moments with your family, friends, and guests, all of those little interactions and in-between moments that create a feeling and tell the story of your day. In order to capture these important people, Each couple receives a questionnaire asking the names and relation of each person they would like portraits with, which also helps me get to know the couple better and already have an understanding of who the important people are before I arrive on the day of the wedding.

I'm an artist at heart, and my experience as an interior designer brings a unique perspective to my work. I use the environment and location to frame your story, capturing a sense of place with every shot. With nearly two decades of experience, I have the knowledge and artistic eye to determine the best locations and angles, utilizing the best light, backgrounds, colors, and textures to create an unforgettable collection of images.

I use a combination of analog photographic film and the latest digital technology to capture my images. As an artist, film as a medium allows me to slow down and anticipate moments while producing the most dreamy and amazing color and depth. Film is primarily used for portraits, details and some candid moments while digital is used throughout the entire day, especially when things are moving fast or in low-light situations. The film also allows me to match my digital images with the same color, skin tones and vibrancy creating a cohesive collection of images. The blend of both mediums along with my style of shooting ensures that your images will be timeless, with a feeling of nostalgia that evokes the emotions of your big day.

Through my calming and relaxed demeanor, I aim to create a comfortable and stress-free environment for you and your loved ones, so you can fully enjoy your special day. My superpower is empathy, allowing me to sense when my clients need guidance or simply space to enjoy the moment. I strive to capture the real you, and the emotions and connections that make your love special. When you're in front of my camera, you'll feel comfortable and at ease, your natural self shining through in every image. My ultimate goal is to capture the most authentic moments of your special day, allowing you to relive them for years to come.

One of the best ways to serve my clients is to provide a high level of professional service that shines through at every touchpoint in our journey of working together. As a highly organized individual with a type A personality, you can expect clear and timely communication from our first email to the delivery of your final images and albums. I believe in planning ahead and always having a backup plan to ensure that your day runs smoothly, and that all the necessary preparations and decisions are made in advance. This careful planning and logistical preparation are essential to creating amazing images and providing a stress-free experience for my clients on their wedding day, allowing them to enjoy every moment without any worries.

When you choose me to capture your story, you can trust that I'll infuse every image with passion, creativity, and an unwavering dedication to preserving the most important moments in your life. Whether it's capturing your destination event at a special place or somewhere closer to home, my vision is to transport you back to your wedding day by creating a beautiful visual narrative that you'll treasure forever.

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Professional & Organized

Your story is a work of art, and it deserves to be told in the most creative way. With every wedding, portrait session, and event, I custom-tailor the experience to capture the unique essence of each couple. I am dedicated to creating a personalized experience for my clients with an approach centered around making you feel truly cared for and at ease, from start to finish. Through the years I have gained an extensive amount of experience which has influenced my philosophies of how best to capture weddings with my unique style, which you can read more about below.



how i work


Working with top planners, venues and partners to bring our clients an amazing experience



Staying creative through inspiration of each couple's story and venue.



Making clients feel at ease and looking natural, providing subtle posing guidance when needed. 



Already pre-prepared in case of weather or other scenarios where our plans for photos need to be adjusted.

backup plan

Must Have

Sensing when my clients need guidance, and when they need to enjoy the moment.


A sense of

I believe in allowing clients to feel and look their natural selves, striving for authenticity.



From my private client portal to portraits on your wedding day, I keep things flowing & efficient.


Keeping t

I hold a degree in Architecture & Interior Design which inspires my photography to this day.


Eye of a

Maintaining a quick response time with all client communication and coordination.



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working with me



Reach out to me directly or through your wedding planner to confirm availability for your date and receive a full services guide.


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Phone or video consults are available to discuss your plans, answer your questions and gather information.


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If you know the services you'd like or are having a multi-day destination event, I am happy to provide a custom quote.


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You can also choose from my photography collections and add on any extras you wish.


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To officially reserve your date I will send you an online contract and invoice through your custom online portal. Here you'll also receive further communication regarding your event as well as reminders and documents.

submit retainer

Sign Contract

You will receive a questionnaire 2 months prior to your wedding date so I can learn more details about your event, locations, important people involved as well as photo requests.


Fill Out

After receiving your questionnaire I will incorporate the information into a photo timeline and coordinate with your planner to ensure a smooth, stress-free flow of your wedding day.



The day has arrived and it's time for you to enjoy every minute. My team and I will be there every step of the way to capture your special moments.

wedding day

Enjoy Your

Shortly after the wedding you will receive a preview of images to enjoy and share.



Around 8 weeks after the wedding, you will receive your full gallery of images from your wedding day via an online web portal.  The password-protected portal can be shared with friends and family and prints and other products are available for purchase here.


Final Image

Enjoy your images and get them into a tangible format with prints, framed prints or photo albums. These heirlooms will forever be a reminder of your special day that you and your family can enjoy for years and decades to come.

prints & albums


Engagement Sessions are the perfect way for me to get to know you as a couple and tailor my approach to tell your story. It's also a great opportunity for you to get to know me and how I work so that on your wedding day your portraits are easy and stress-free. And you get amazing images of you during your engagement and to use on your wedding stationery or website.

Engagement Session

Let's Meet

We will keep in contact and communicate any updated information as well as coordinate plans with your wedding planner.



Specializing in destination weddings, events and portraits, my team and I have traveled across the US and internationally to capture events for my clients.  We are available to travel and offer a selection of destination packages that include full coverage of your event as well as travel fees.

Capturing your Destination Wedding

did you know we travel

Below, you will find some of the frequently asked questions that I receive. However, I am also happy to answer any questions you may have via email or schedule a private call. Please feel free to reach out to me directly for any specific questions about event coverage.

After obtaining a degree in Interior Architecture, I moved to Atlanta and shortly thereafter started assisting a photographer as their second shooter at weddings.  After 6 years of doing both my day job and weddings on the weekends, I decided to focus full time on photography and started my own business.  Many weddings later I am still doing what I love and capturing priceless memories for so many of my clients which warms my heart.  I have had the pleasure of being alongside my clients during some of the most special moments of their lives all while creating art to be treasured for generations.  In addition, I've met and worked with the most talented and caring vendors in the wedding industry, many of which have become some of my closest friends.  I am so grateful for my path and everything that has led me to this amazing career. 

My style can be described as classic, sophisticated, timeless and full of color and light. My images capture not only portraits and candid moments, but also a sense of place with the details, environment and location which becomes part of your story.  My background as an interior designer uses locations to frame, add dimension and another layer of storytelling to your collection of images. Filled with light and true, vibrant color I create my images utilizing analog film and the latest digital technology to create soft and artistic images that are carefully edited to maintain a consistent style and coloring throughout the entire image collection.  

My first cameras were 35mm film cameras gifted to me by my family. At the beginning of my career the standard was utilizing digital gear, but for me something was missing and I was not getting exactly the look I wanted. I discovered medium format film and it was the perfect tool for the photographs that I wanted to create, capturing accurate and vibrant color with natural skin tones and an artistic softness in the entire image. I currently use a blend of film cameras and the latest digital mirrorless technology throughout each wedding day and portrait session so your images are consistent, timeless and have that feeling of nostalgia that encapsulates my signature style. My film is developed and scanned by my lab digitally so all clients receive full-resolution digital files of both the film scans and digital camera captures.

I use a combination of portraits, candid captures (not staged or posed) and editorial style photos to create a collection of imagery that tells your story. A wedding day is a fast-moving series of events that requires varying types of imagery depending upon the moments that are unfolding as well as each individual clients' preferences. Through a questionnaire, I learn more about your personality and preferences in order to create images that most reflect you and your relationship as a couple. While we must take the time and space to allow candid moments to unfold, I wouldn't say my portraits are very "posed" so to speak. Instead I provide subtle guidance to position clients in a setting, getting them to interact naturally and make slight adjustments simply to enhance their features and make them look their best. I also highly recommend an engagement session to clients so that I can learn about their story, they can learn about how I work and can experience how I naturally pose subjects so that they are very comfortable and confident on their wedding day.

My past clients (especially groom's) will tell you that my specialty is photographing people that do not like to have their photo taken. I strive to make all my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera by utilizing subtle guidance to make the photos more active and clients feel more natural and like themselves.  It's important to look at a photographer's work and be able to see yourself in the photos.  If the posing style does not appeal to you, it's best to find someone who uses posing more in line with how you see yourself or talk to the photographer about your concerns ahead of time.  An engagement session is always recommended for this reason so that you, as a client, can learn how I communicate and work with you during portraits.  In every case of past clients who told me they don't like their photo taken, the fear is always bigger than the actual experience with positive comments after their session like, "Wow! That was not as bad as I thought it would be, it was actually fun!". I've even gotten an occasional, "can we do that again?!".

All of my wedding packages include a second photographer and in most cases a non-shooting assistant. Based on my years of experience and knowing how I am most creative, I do firmly believe in having a second photographer to provide a second perspective and capture simultaneous photos from additional angles. While we do mainly shoot together at the same location, the second photographer may often cover events happening at the same time as portraits such as the cocktail hour. Our non-shooting assistant takes care of transporting gear and keeping it safe, reloading film, setting up lights if needed and helping to assist us so that we are free to create the best images. Smaller events and elopements do not include a second shooter but they can be added for an additional fee.

Yes,I actually require that my clients retain a full service wedding planner for the duration of their planning process as well as their wedding day. I believe that a planner is an impartial third party that will support you, the client, and help you coordinate with all your vendors while looking out for your best interest. They also come with the extensive experience of executing many weddings and can be a huge help in sticky situations from negotiating with vendors to fixing your wedding dress on the spot to unexpected weather and more. I coordinate with your wedding planner to create a timeline of events on your wedding day that incorporates time for your portraits while keeping the day flowing smoothly. We communicate throughout the day as events unfold and make sure our plans are flowing perfectly. I also work with your videographer on the wedding day to coordinate while we are shooting. Please reach out to schedule a consultation and I can tell you more about how I work with your vendors as well as provide referrals to a planner or videographer for you.

Like the sun rises and sets daily, yes I travel! And it's one of my favorite things. I have traveled extensively for weddings, portraits and personally and really enjoy getting out of my comfort zone and seeing new places and creating imagery in different environments. I am based in Atlanta (lucky to live in a Delta hub city) and am available for travel throughout the southeast, across the US as well as Internationally. Destination Packages are available that include travel as well as extra photo coverage for capturing you and your guests enjoying your destination. You can also read more about my travel experience and how travel works for events by visiting my TRAVEL page.

After each wedding or portrait session, images are carefully downloaded and backed up to multiple devices for safekeeping and all film is sent to my lab for processing. I take the utmost care in reviewing and editing each image carefully to create a consistent collection of images, which takes time and care. Weddings are typically delivered within 6-8 weeks post wedding depending upon the length and number of weekend events involved. All clients receive a preview within a week of their wedding, plus an extended preview 4 weeks after their wedding. Depending upon the time of year, portrait sessions are delivered 3-4 weeks after your shoot. For both weddings & portraits, all images are posted to an online, password-protected gallery that you can share with family and friends in order to view the images as well as purchase prints and other products. Finally, a USB drive with all the final files as well as a few other surprises are shipped to you once your gallery is complete. After your gallery goes live, you have the option to purchase prints, framed prints, canvases or albums to create custom heirlooms to treasure for a lifestime.

The first step is to reach out to me and check my availability for your date and receive my full lookbook including pricing. From there you can officially reserve my services by signing a full contract and submitting a non-refundable 50% retainer fee to hold your date exclusively for your wedding or portrait session.  You can also read about my entire process from start to finish by reading the MY PROCESS section above.

My biggest piece of advice to potential clients is that you should choose a photographer based on the photographer's style, their experience and the experience you'll have with them as well as someone who will compliment your personality. Your photographer will be with you for your entire wedding day and you want someone who you enjoy being around that will make you feel comfortable and that you can trust based on their portfolio and years of experience. Many clients make the mistake of hiring a photographer based only on the price of their packages or who includes the most "stuff". At the end of your wedding and in addition to your photos, you will most value the experience you had during your wedding day and knowing that a professional and talented photographer made you feel at ease and complimented your experience rather than detracted from it. I highly recommend that you either setup a consultation call or meet a potential photographer in person before you book so you can get to know them and see how your personlities jive. An experienced wedding planner can also help recommend photographers that they have worked with, who they trust, who their clients loved and can match your style with the best photographer for you.


"Working with Melissa for our wedding was an absolute blessing. We had to reschedule a few times due to Covid and she was a dream to work with during that process. On our wedding day we couldn't have envisioned a better individual to work with to make it as positive and efficient as possible.

From the time we met pre-wedding to the time following she was courteous, professional and gave us memories that will last forever. We love the relationship that we were able to create. We have kept in touch with Melissa and plan to use her for family portraits. "


"Melissa and her team photographed our wedding and were awesome. Melissa is a very organized and detail-oriented person with a great eye for capturing special moments. We had several meetings/calls with Melissa to talk through our wedding weekend timeline. During these meetings, Melissa provided helpful insight to ensure that all of the weekend’s special moments would be photographed.

Further, she seamlessly handled our specific photo requests and took advantage of our scenic and charming venues to make helpful and creative photo suggestions. The result were photos that captured our special weekend beautifully."


"Amidst the covid craziness, we had the silver lining of getting to work with Melissa twice - lucky us! For both events, from start to finish, Melissa was unbelievable to work with. Not only does her talent shine in her photography, but her skillful coordination throughout our wedding season and her ability to capture every detail without knowing she's there is truly best in class. Melissa will be our first call the next time we want to capture more memories!"



"Melissa was wonderful to work with! We hired her for our destination wedding in Highlands, North Carolina and she perfectly captured our day while highlighting the beauty of the venue. Melissa made both of us feel so relaxed and comfortable during pictures. She kept an organized schedule and seamlessly photographed each group. We cannot recommend Melissa enough!"

"Melissa was professional and organized every step of the way! Her detailed planning made the wedding day feel so effortless and relaxed. She captured every little detail of the day and her pictures have brought us so much joy. Melissa is an amazing photographer and person!"

Porter, Bride

Darden & Richard, Parents of the Bride


We wanted to thank you for everything on our wedding weekend. You made our day run so smoothly, and we honestly couldn’t have asked for a better night. We are beyond excited with all the photos! You are a phenomenal photographer, and you made both Lucas and I feel so comfortable all day/night. Your assistant was great too!

Seriously, THANK YOU. We will continue to recommend you to all of our friends in the future.

"Melissa was an absolute pleasure to work with. We are so pleased with how our photos turned out. Melissa was able to capture every moment of our special day in such a beautiful, natural way. Looking at the photos makes me feel like I am reliving every aspect of our favorite day."


"Melissa was incredible to work with, not just for our wedding weekend, but over the course of our entire wedding planning process. Despite never traveling to our church or reception site prior to our wedding day (we live in Indianapolis), she navigated the ceremony and reception flawlessly and produced angles and close-ups we couldn't have imagined she would capture.

 She photographed our loved ones as if they were her friends and our surroundings with a familiarity of a local.  The final product revealed a candid glimpse into the most heartfelt, warm, and exciting moments of what was the best day of our lives. Casting our trust to someone to capture the most important day of our life was not easy, but Melissa proved to be nothing but the best.

Thank you, Melissa!"


"Melissa was one of three photographers recommended by my wedding planner. Her work was the first (and last) I looked at. Once I saw samples of her pictures, I knew Melissa was the one I wanted to shoot mine and my husband's special day; I didn't even consider the other two recommendations. I'm so happy that I chose her! 


I don't like to be photographed, but Melissa's friendly personality made me feel relaxed and beautiful. I'm so pleased with the way the pictures turned out! Melissa also managed to capture the way my husband and I interact with each other, the lively personalities of the wedding guests, and the beauty of the wedding space in her pictures. In addition to the quality of Melissa's pictures, I also appreciated her efficiency and she responded to all my emails within a day if not the same day. I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone looking for a quality photographer. She's amazing!"

"Melissa was absolutely amazing to work with! We hired Melissa for our engagement photos, our rehearsal dinner, our welcome party, and our entire wedding day. She captured every detail and moment perfectly and we never felt staged. Our friends and family keep commenting on how great the photos are.


We also greatly appreciated
her organization through her detailed schedule we were able to coordinate the rest of our vendors for our wedding day, in turn helping to make the day stress free.

She is just the best!!"

"When I set out to hire a wedding photographer for our wedding, I didn't have to think hard about it; I knew I would be hiring Melissa. She had photographed my sister's wedding a few years before, and it was a no-brainer that I would hire her. Hiring a superior wedding photographer was something that my husband and I put at the top of our priority list, and Melissa certainly exceeded all of our expectations. 

Not only were our photos stunning, but they were unique--seemingly tailored to us, our wedding concept, and our venue. And what's more, the photography session was not only painless, but truly enjoyable!!! When we received our photos from Melissa. I got chills--and so did my husband! Melissa is organized and professional, friendly and approachable, and most of all superbly talented."


"My husband and I had our wedding on Lake Oconee this past July. It was 104 degrees the day of our wedding and we had an outside ceremony and reception. 

Melissa was absolutely wonderful despite the hot weather - she was extremely patient, stuck to her schedule, and captured every
special and little moment we could have ever wanted. Our photos are breath taking!

Thank You!"


“Melissa perfectly captured our wedding day. I still look at the photos years later and can put myself back in all of those amazing moments.

We are so thankful she was a part of our special day and are working with her again because we had such a great experience.”




Ready for an adventure?  Me too!  I can't wait to meet you and start planning photography for your wedding or portrait session.  Reach out to me via the link below to receive a complete guide to my services along with pricing and additional details about booking your shoot.  All services include a complimentary consultation free of charge so please reach out as I'd love to hear about your story and your imagery needs.

Let's Collaborate

book your wedding

Vincent Van Gogh

“"Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done."

It's all about the story - YOUR story.  That's why every wedding, portrait session and event is custom-tailored to you.  My photographic style encompasses many different types of imagery in order to capture your entire, unique story.

It's a blend of capturing not only beautiful portraits of you, but also the real you; your relationship and what makes your love special. I learn about your story so that I can make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and not posed. All of my direction in creating your images is in an effort to create a natural, authentic look.

the process

what to expect

With so many families living across the country or across the world, another important focus is to capture your family while everyone is together for your special weekend.  In addition to portraits, I capture organic & emotional candid moments of you with your family, friends and guests.  It's all about the little interactions and in-between moments that will create feeling & tell the story of your day.

My style also includes capturing a sense of place with the details, environment and location so that becomes part of your story.  My background as an interior designer uses locations to frame, add dimension and another layer of storytelling to your collection of images.  

I use my experience and artistic skills to determine the best locations & angles for photos, utilizing the best light, backgrounds, colors and textures that flow with the overall look of your day.  You can trust that my artistry along with your vision of your day is captured in the most creative way.

Professional Destination Photographer with nearly two decades of experience, and the skills and creativity to create a beautiful collection of images on-location at every shoot.

personal approach making clients feel cared for,
authentic moments,
feel like yourself,
tell your story,
using analog photographic film,
images that are timeless,
feeling of nostalgia,
my superpower is empathy and sensing when my clients need guidance and when they need space to enjoy the moment,
document naturally unfolding details,
photos that transport you back to every moment of your day,
creating a calming and relaxed atmosphere for clients,